Long tradition of hospitality our history


Since the year 1958

The history of the Berghotel Jaga-Alm
former mountain farm "Hochfallegg" stretches back over generations.

In 1958 Mr. Pfeffer Peter (great-grandfather) acquired
the property with fields and woodland.

The old and dilapidated farm from the 18th century 
was initially used operated as a small, modest snack station
(without heating, running water and WC).
1967 first goods road with a 23% gradient was built.



Over the years, the property was 
taken over by Simon and Herta Pfeffer
and lovingly remodelled into a youth hostel.

In 1987 , the Jaga-Alm was added, a charming restaurant
with around 70 seats and a large bar area.



In 1993 , a large sunterrace with panoramic view
and children's playground was built.

The following years brought several
renovations and modernisations.

These included a remodelling of the rooms in 1999  
with a new staircase
(the youth hostel became a guesthouse).





In 2005, a swimming pond
with a large sunbathing lawn was created
on the former sports and leisure centre.

The pond is entirely fed with crystal-clear drinking water 
from our own mountain spring.




In 2007, the two buildings 
(former stable and guesthouse)
were merged as part of a comprehensive renovation 
including a new basement. 

A new wellness area was created 
and the restaurant was extended by 50 seats.



Everything new

In 2017, the main building from the 18th century
was demolished and rebuilt down to the ground floor.

This resulted in 18 new rooms and hotel flats,
a modern ski cellar and extended relaxation room
with panoramic windows, as well as 5 staff accommodation units.



The latest development in 2023 included
the remodelling of the west wing of the Berghotel.

13 new rooms, studios and hotel-apartments, 
as well as 3 staff accommodations, a new children's playroom 
and a 2. elevator were created.

Eigene Landwirtschaft & Jagd


To this day, family Pfeffer lovingly runs
a small-scale farm with cows, pigs and chickens.

Our guests can enjoy our
own meat and sausage products,
which are produced directly on site.

Diese höchste Regionalität spiegelt sich auch
im Angebot unserer Speisen wider.

Nicht zu vergessen sind außerdem die
Produkte aus unserer eigenen Jagd
welche in der Küche zu hervorragenden Schmankerl zubereitet
und von unserem Serviceteam serviert werden.