Our contribution to the environment sustainability at Berghotel Jaga-Alm


At our mountain hotel, we consistently focus on sustainability.

Regionality and seasonality characterise our cuisine, with some of our produce coming from our own farming and hunting. Through environmentally friendly and resource-conserving practices and co-operation with local farmers, we create an area worth living in for guests and the environment alike.

You can help us do this too!

Local partners
Saving resources
Energy management
Waste/avoid garbage
Public transport
Own mountain springs
Social sustainability for employees

Local companies and partners

We attach great importance to regional foods and count on their quality.

We avoid long transport routes and at the same time save on unnecessary packaging material. We also use local companies to carry out various maintenance and remodelling work. But of course we are most proud of the products we produce ourselves, such as bacon, liver sausage, meat products, schnapps, elderberry juice and much more.

Saving precious resources

Many of our guests use their towels several times during their holiday with us.

It's up to you to decide - you'll find a notice in the bathroom.

The same applies in the wellness area: do you really need a fresh towel after every sauna change?

Energy management

All our rooms are equipped with an energy switch. We ask you to deactivate this after leaving the room. This goes a long way towards reducing our energy consumption. Motion detectors in the corridors help to minimise energy consumption.

Our newly installed 200m² photovoltaic system supplies electricity from solar energy.

We use a wood-burning stove to regulate the temperature of the water and, in some cases, the room temperatures. With our heat recovery system, we utilise the thermal energy of the premises.

The remaining energy requirements are supplied by 100% Austrian power stations, 80% of which are generated from renewable energy sources.

Avoid waste

We do not use disposable products and offer our guests shampoo, shower gel and soap in practical dispensers. All drinks are filled in glass bottles, we do not use plastic bottles and recommend drinking our own mountain spring water.

Our waste is strictly separated. We pay attention to correct waste separation. Please help us with this. We also do without unnecessary plastic waste bags wherever possible.

Travelling by public transport

Zell am See offers an excellent infrastructure and has a railway station. If you arrive by public transport, we offer a free pick-up service.

Water - our most precious commodity

Our mountain hotel has 5 of its own mountain springs. So you enjoy fresh spring water, please don't waste it.

Bathrobes can be borrowed from reception - this way we ensure that unnecessary washing of unused coats is avoided.

Social sustainability

Our employees are provided with unlimited board and lodging free of charge at all times.

Many of our employees have been with the Berghotel for 5, 8 or 10 years.

In a familiar and structured environment, our employees are inspired to be creative.